Mandatory Gear Video

This collection contains all of the Vests and Products featured in our 'How to Pack your Mandatory Gear' Video. Click here to see the video for tips on how to pack your race vest for comfort and efficiency.

A more extensive list of mandatory gear can be found by clicking here, this contains other top rated options in place of specific items.

Items found on Mandatory Gear Lists of all the Major Events incl. but not exclusively Centurion Running, UTMB, Lakeland 50/100. This list is not the same for every event - check the specific event you are entered in to for exact details.

Warm Hat
Base Layer
Waterproof Jacket (10000+)
Waterproof Trousers
Waterproof Gloves
Survival Blanket
Back Up Light Source
Spare Torch Batteries
Water Carrying Capacity (eg. Bottles, Flasks or Bladder)
Soft Drinks Cup
Hot Drinks Cup
Race Vest