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Trere Social Face Mask

Aqua/ Avio
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A lightweight, ergonomically shaped, properly breathable face mask, which can be used for running and other sports, or on public transport, to provide a barrier that reduces the risk of infection or infecting others around you. This Social Mask fits perfectly around your nose and mouth and seals nicely, but without pushing your nose or feeling claustrophobic, thanks to the 3D design. The side vents mean you can exercise comfortably whilst still benefiting from the protection the mask offers.


Made from Texlyte Nano and HOVER-TEX materials, this mask is very lightweight. The materials are 34% lighter than standard polyester. HOVER-TEX is water repellant which makes it fast drying and you can wash the mask at up to 60°. It's durable and can be washed and re-used over and over. 

The knit of the mask means that even with the side ventilation zones you have a good layer protecting your mouth and nose.

This Social Mask is not a medical product, it simply acts as a barrier to reduce the risk of infection. 


  • Highly elastic ergonomic nose shape
  • Ventilation zone on the side
  • Flexible and soft ear loops
  • Particularly densely knitted mouth and nose sections
  • Highly elastic band at the neck for optimum wear comfort
  • Texlyte Nano & HOVER-TEX fabric which is 34% lighter than polyester
  • Highly breathable
  • 3D
  • Designed for sport
  • Flexible and soft ear loops
  • Machine washable to 60° and dries quickly
  • Sizing (size chart included, applicable to all UYN masks): L for men, M for women, S for kids (really small)
  • Made in Italy