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Centurion Running Upcycled Dog Crew Coats

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These dog coats are hand stitched by Gins Running Stitch out of upcycled Centurion Race Tees. Tees that are sent back to us or to ReRun, are sent out to Gin, who re-purposes them as various products.

Three Sizes

Small coats all lined with red. Measurements 9 to 11" neck - 15 to 18" girth - 8 to 10" back length
Medium coats: Measurements 12 to 14" neck - 19 to 23" girth - 12 to 14" back length
Large coats, white and red, lined with black. Measurements 15 to 18"neck - 24 to 28" girth - 16 to 18" back length.

Each has an elastic piece at the front and 2 button holes for adjustment purposes.

The other images feature the dog bandana's which are available here.

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