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  • Inov8 Extreme Thermo Mitt

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    A breathable running mitt designed to keep hands warm in cold conditions.

    Featuring innovative Polartec Alpha insulation which regulates warmth and transfers moisture, the EXTREME THERMO MITT allows heat to escape while ensuring hands stay warm in cold and dry winter conditions. Mobile-friendly finger-tip padding enables mobile phone use whilst still wearing the gloves, and a silicone grip pattern on the palms ensures extra traction on poles and other surfaces.

    The winter running mitts feature stretchable wrist loops, minimising the risk of loss and allowing them to be quickly put on or taken off. They’re suitable as part of mandatory kit when gloves must be carried.

    Features :

    • Silicone grip on the palm helps improve grip when running with poles.
    • Finger-tip padding has been designed so a runner can operate a mobile device without taking the gloves off.
    • Winter ready means cold hands (which can ordinarily force a run to be cut short) are not a problem, even in the coldest months of the year.
    • Using the attached wrist loops minimises the risk of the mitt being lost. It also means the mitt can be quickly put/on removed as when required.

    Weight: 25 grams

    Material: Polartec Alpha (75% recycled), Spandex


    • Small: 6-7in. / 15-18cm 
    • Medium: 7-8in. / 18-20cm
    • Large: 8-9in. / 20-23cm
    Note: Measure the circumference of the widest point of the hand.