Julbo Dust

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Pick of the Julbo selection for trail running.

A snug fit on the face is ensured with grip nose and grip tech temples. The slim and flexible frame can be slipped comfortably under a hat. The wide field of vision is combined with excellent venting thanks to the design of the suspended lenses. 


- Grip Nose
- Curved, wrapping temples
- Full venting
- Panoramic 
- Black: Spectron 3+ Lens 
- Blue/ Orange: Zebra Light HARD

The Black model has the Spectron 3 Lens. Light and versatile, suitable for all activities including in the mountains.

The Blue/ Orange Model has the Zebra Light HARD Lens. Zebra Photochromic lenses adjust their tint to available light so that the right amount of light always reaches your eyes. *Extra cost over the Black/ Grey edition is for this lens.


Julbo lead the way with sunglasses for trail and ultra running. The team of athletes they work with, alongside their incredible lens technology has resulted in an expectional product offering. Having tested the range of Julbo glasses, the Dust are our pick for trail running. Three main features stand out: Snug fit and grip nose stop them from bouncing off of your head, the lack of a lower frame means that the visibility on downhills is not impeded and lastly, the lens' offer just the right blend of protection and light.