Katadyn BeFree Filter Soft Flask 600ml

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With the BeFree Filter, you no longer have to worry about where your next drink will come from. Just fill up the flask and let the EZ-Clean Membrane do the work. Gently squeeze the flask for instant refreshment. Maintain the EZ-Clean Membrane quickly and easily for longer life and more enjoyment. Simply fill the flask with water, attach the cover and shake free the debris. Or, remove the filter from the flask and swish in any lake, river or stream. And when you’re ready to “hit the road,” the collapsible flask packs small to fit into tight spaces. Just Smash, Stash and Go! Worry less, Discover more, BeFree.


Hollow fiber filter; 0.1 micron (0.0001 mm) EZ-Clean MembraneTM
Removes bacteria, cysts and sediment
Flow Rate of up to 2 litres/min

Lasts for up to 1,000 litres depending on water quality
Weight: 59 g
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 27,5 cm
Guarantee: 2 years

Materials: EZ-Clean MembraneTM with Hollow Fibers Hydrapak® SoftFlaskTM made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), 100% PVC and BPA free Hydrapak® SoftFlaskTM, EZ-Clean MembraneTM 8019946 Katadyn BeFree 0.6L

Centurion Review: If you are going running the mountains, trails or even just on your local route and you're aware that there is available water but that the quality of it isn't guaranteed - this is perhaps the biggest breakthrough product for you. This 600ml soft flask is built by Hyrapak - famous for producing the soft flasks for Salomon, UD and their own products alongside. But with a Katadyn Water Filter in the tip. Remove the top, fill the flask from any water source, and drink clean water. There is NO weird or bad taste to the water from the filter process. The two big questions (apart from is this too good to be true!) would be:

- is ANY water source ok to drink from, and how do I decide? The short answer is, avoiding water that could be contaminated with metals, then yes. The purer the source, the better, but this will remove 99.99% of harmful bacteria as well as all of the grit and dirt. You clean it by swilling it out and shaking it. And you are good for 1000 litres before you have to replace the filter.

- How heavy is it? It's 54 grams so it's not noticeable heavier than any other 600ml soft flask. In short. this is a game changing piece of kit for those who like to run long particularly in the mountains where water is abundant but not always trust worthy.