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  • Raidlight Press to Drink 750ml Bottle


    Inner tube draws water to the bottom of the bottle
    - Press to drink" system: a simple squeeze expels the liquid to facilitate hydration
    - The neoprene around the outside of the pipette protects against freezing (if you don't need it, simply cut it off to remove it)
    - Transparent plastic (BPA-free) to keep an eye on the remaining quantity

     Weight: 84g
    - Volume : 750mL*
    - Ø 24cm
    - Height: 22cm + 9cm with pipette
    - May contain: water and energy drinks, do not add greasy liquids
    *The Press-to-Drink bottles are not packaged in the correct way: they indicate a capacity of 700mL instead of 750mL.

    Composition:  Low-density polyethylene