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Salomon S/LAB NSO Calf Guard Unisex

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Wrapping your lower leg in air, the lighter-than-light S/LAB NSO calf keeps you feeling supported yet comfy. And to maintain your natural balance, athlete-driven eNosyntex™ technology helps reduce fatigue and speed up recovery. So, you can give your best, every time. Unisex.


  • Positioned on the body’s natural trigger points, the integrated, breathable NSO patches help improve muscle tone, micro blood circulation and cellular balance for faster recovery and performance.
  • Providing light compression, this calf dries quickly to keep you feeling your best.  The ultra-light, stretchy Payen Altitude fabric has comfy elasticated seams and mesh inserts, as well as silicon-free Faitplast tape on the lower hem to ensure it stays put.


  • Nso: Developed over more than 10 years with insights from leading athletes, eNosyntex™ technology reduces fatigue and restores balance using infrared reflection and metallic oxides.
  • Silicone Free Grip Tape: Silicone free treatment that offers a secure, confident grip.
  • 4 Way Stretch: The fabric stretches in all 4 directions with the support of elastic yarns.


  • 19 Grams