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Salomon Soft Flask STRAW ONLY

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With an intuitive high-flow bite valve, the adjustable SOFT FLASK STRAW makes it easier to stay hydrated no matter how many kilometres lie ahead of you. Simply add the straw to any of your Salomon soft flasks for faster, hassle-free drinking. Compatible with all Salomon caps (28mm and 42mm openings).


  • Adjustable drink tube -You can easily cut the plastic drink straw to the length that is best adapted to your morphology, making it easier to drink on the go.
  • Compatible bite valve - This straw can be used with any Salomon cap whether the opening is 28mm or 42mm.
  • High-flow bite valve -  The soft drip -free valve increases the water flow, so you can drink more quickly even in the steepest uphill climb.

Weight: 13g