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Salomon XA Filter Cap 42 Alloy

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Ideal for longer expeditions like ultra-trails, the XA FILTER CAP 42 filters bacteria and protozoa from natural water sources, so you can drink easily and safely without needing to carrying huge volumes of water.

Compatible with the Salomon Soft Flask Speed 500ml with 42mm opening available here.


  • Less Weight: Filtering your water on the go means you can carry less water, and therefore less weight, while you run to help reduce fatigue.
  • Compatible: The cap is compatible with all Salomon soft flasks with a 42MM opening (purchased from spring 2020 onwards).
  • Safe: The filter removes bacteria and protozoa from approximately 1000 liters of water to help keep you hydrated and healthy, however remote your destination.


  • Weight (g) : 32