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Ultimate Direction

Ultimate Direction Mens Mountain Vest v4 (small only)

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If you’re ready to take your running to new, adventurous places, the Signature Series Mountain Vest is equipped to carry the gear that will enable successful summit bids. Whether it’s trekking pole holders that snap out of the way when not in use or lat pockets that will store requisite emergency items, every detail has been thoughtfully covered in one of the lightest vests for the volume available. Our new Comfort Cinch technology provides a custom fit with easy on-the-go adjustment. It’s a breakthrough in tech that must be worn to be believed. 

Centurion Review: This is the update to the Signature Series Version 3 / Anton Krupicka AK Vest. 13 litres gives you all the capacity you need for ultras with mandatory gear lists like our own events, winter racing, as well as longer days out on the trails. Also suitable for shorter runs with less or minimal kit due to the weight and ability to compress gear. The new UD v4 Vests are more comfortable products for two main reasons, the comfort cinch technology and the lighter/ softer material. Where UD fell behind Salomon in our opinion in one major area in the past - comfort/ fit, the latest UD innovations bring them up to that level, with all the classic UD features - Great pocket design, access and crucially how durable they are. The Cinch allows you to pull the vest in or out for a closer fit with less bounce - this is not a gimmick, we've been wearing these over the last 6 weeks and we are really impressed. We also breathed a sigh of relief at the upgrade to the materials as this was the last missing component in our eyes and brings UD up to meet and exceed the best vests on the market. Check the video at the foot of the page for a detailed look. 


  • Sliding rail sternum straps
  • Bottle holsters tighten to carry phone or camera
  • Stretch mesh pockets are phone compatible
  • Redesigned pole holder minimises bounce and snaps out of the way when not in use
  • New comfort cinch technology provides a custom fit with easy on the go adjustment
  • 4 way stretch material with dissolved thread stretches to fit more and is lighter than ever
  • Lat pockets for extra storage
  • Includes x Body Bottle 500

Sizing at Chest (Unisex)

  • Small - 23 - 32 Inch (58-81cm)
  • Medium - 30 - 39 Inch (76-99cm)
  • Large - 37 - 46 Inch (94-117cm)


Volume Capacity: 13 Litres
Weight with Bottles:
325 grams (255 grams without)


150g Flex Mono Mesh
MicroMono Mesh
3D Nylon 66 sil/pu
4 Way stretch Nylon/ Elastane with dissolved thread for increased breathability