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    ULTRA is the longest-running printed magazine in Europe dedicated to the sport of ultrarunning. Established in 2015, it has served the UK’s ultra community ever since.

    In Issue 19 we celebrate the fabulous legacy of UK ultrarunners with the inaugural UK Ultrarunning Hall of Fame, inducting an initial seven people each with a rich history of contributing to the sport either as an athlete or in the background. We are passionate about our past, and this is an important start to an initiative that we will develop in the coming years.

    Staying with the historical theme Andy Milroy takes us on a journey with the British female distance walkers of the early 20th century, which has some surprising achievements and renowned public long-distance spectacles long before the advent of ‘ultrarunning’ as we know it today.

    Elsewhere Jasmin Paris talks with us about her recent success at the Barkley Marathons, we have an interview with Shane Ohly, race director of the Dragon’s Back Race and Cape Wrath Ultra among others, and Debra Bourne describes in detail the emotional highs and lows of the Winter 200 mile race from Centurion.

    Outdoor gear expert Mike Parsons (Karrimor, founder of OMM) gives us the benefit of his long experience with advice on choosing gear, while GB athlete Robbie Britton talks about the 24-hour world championships (illustrated by Geoff Lowe’s photographs including the amazing cover shot!)

    For more inspiration we have Emma Harrison running the Scottish Fisherfield Round and advising on European holiday destinations where it would be rude not to run, James Adams writes about trying to get back into ultrarunning after raising a family, Tim Laney muses about getting older but perhaps not wiser, American author Charles Moore considers what it takes to step up from marathons to ultras, we find out what’s in James Elson’s pack, Steve Nuttall writes about the Imber Ultra, David Bentham runs round in circles, Hugo Day tells us what it’s like to be the only competitor in a 100+ mile race, and Dr Gavin Spickett reflects on the Kielder Ultra and what the future holds for smaller events. All in all, a must-have for ultrarunners everywhere.

    Created, printed and bound in the UK. We think it’s the best ultrarunning magazine in the world. Why not find out for yourself?