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  • Clif Shot Bloks


    Train hard to the tune of sweet strawberry-flavoured bites with the easy-to-chew -carbohydrates in CLIF® BLOKS®.

    Each Shot Blok chew contains 33 calories plus added electrolytes, making it easy to manage and track intake during training and racing. 

    The Shot Bloks come 6 to a pack in fastpak packaging, allowing for easy access to your energy chews and streamlined enough to fit into a race belt or jersey pocket.


    • A great alternative to energy gels
    • 33 Calories and electrolytes in every Blok
    • 6 Shot Bloks per pack
    • Streamlined Fastpak wrapper for easy access on the go
    • Simple-to-Handle
    • Easy-to-Chew