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Leki Ultratrail FX.One Superlite Trail Running Poles

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The Ultratrail FX.One Superlite supports you in your quest for big miles over rugged terrain. The Ultratrail FX.One Superlite comes equipped with the innovative new Trail Shark, the first grip-strap system developed 100% for trail running. Thanks to newly designed air channels, its grip weight has been reduced by 30% compared to the previous Shark system. The oversized Shark Frame mesh strap fits like a glove and transfers power directly to the centre of the pole. The slim shape of the Trail Shark hook allows the strap to be clicked in and off, on the fly. An additional nose on the lower portion of the grip provides a second grip option and even more precise guidance. The pole can be easily collapsed and folded to carry in the hands or stow away in a trial running belt or pack. The pole lives up to its Superlite name at just 137 g (4.8 oz). The Superlite is the ultimate pole for those looking to go hard day in and day out.


We recommend use in trail running only on secured paths and not in exposed terrain, i.e. in alpine mountain sports where there is a risk of falling, on snow, ice or glaciers. 

This model is the more durable/ robust Ultratrail FX.One version.


  • Trail Shark:  Optimised lightweight grip construction for maximum trail running performance and perfect power transfer. Easily click in and out in seconds.
  • Shark Frame Strap Mesh:  Lightweight and breathable, cradles the hand in place on the grip for perfect connection and comfort.
  • Carbon:  Super light and stiff for optimal swing action.
  • Push Button:  Proven and super lightweight locking system for fast and easy assembly.
  • Trail Running Tip:  Lightweight tip for optimum swing weight. The concave carbide tip provides grip in all conditions.


  • Series Unisex
    Construction Folding|PB|Fixed Length
    Grip Trail Shark
    Strap Shark Frame Strap Mesh
    Segments 4-pieces
    Shaft Diameter 14|12|12|12 mm
    Upper section Carbon (HRC max)
    Lower section Carbon (HRC max)
    Basket Trail Running Basket
    Tip Trail Running Tip
    Length/Size 110 - 135 cm (in 5 cm steps)
    Weight/Pole 137g/per pole at a length of 120 cm
    Pack Size 33 cm


  • 110 cm
  • 115 cm
  • 120 cm
  • 125 cm
  • 130 cm 
  • 135 cm