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  • November 01, 2020 2 min read

    Autumn's well and truly here, and the weather can change in an instant.  Sun-baked trails are a distant memory, and staying warm in the face of tricky conditions can be the difference between finishing a big day in the hills and having to bail out early.  Don't get caught out!

    I'll get my coat

    A proper waterproof jacket is probably the single most important bit of kit at this time of year.  

    Does your old jacket soak through when you remember it shrugging off terrible conditions?  Don't despair - before you give up on it, try a good quality re-proofer.  We like Nikwax Tech Wash  - give it a go!

    Need a new one? We've got the best, in a full range of sizes and both men's and women's specific cuts.  New in this month is the Montane Podium, which is fantastic for changeable conditions and comes in a unisex cut. 

    Caps on!

    Your mum probably told you how much heat you lose from your head, and guess what, she was onto something.  A good waterproof cap is massively versatile, especially in mixed conditions.  Salomon  and Montane  do good options and we carry them both.  Bonus points for wearing them backwards...

    Get a grip

    Let's face it - it's getting super-muddy out there, and we're not aware of anyone inventing a shoe that will stop you sliding all over the place.  Still, some are better than others and a good, deep-lugged trail shoe will give you a better chance of staying upright than those Alphaflys you've got your eye on.

    La Sportiva's Mutant  comes in men and women-specific fit and hits the spot beautifully; if Salomon's your thing you can't go wrong with the Wildcross  or S/Lab Cross  - both new in this month.