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  • GU Energy Gels


    GU’s patented carbohydrate blend delivers high-quality, easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels.

    All Gu products are available at a special discounted price due to our work with the brand as one of our key event sponsors.

    (All Gu Gels contain caffeine with the exception of Strawberry Banana and Lemon Sublime).

    CENTURION REVIEW: Gu gels are thicker than similar products, but the benefit is that they are thus smaller and easier to store/ carry than other gels. You’re also unlikely to get any spillages when opening the packet - nobody likes sticky gel all over their hand and clothing!  A huge variety of flavours means you will never get sick of the one flavour over the course of a long race. Choose those with 1 or 2 times caffeine for the extra boost. Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean are two big favourites.