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Bodyglide Original

Technically advanced lubricant preventing chaffing. Helps prevent and relieve chafed, chapped or cracked skin. Neoprene safe. Sweat & water resistant.

Bodyglide comes in a roll on stick, in two sizes: 44g and 22g (ideal for carrying with you on the run). It doesn't wash off under sweat, rain or any other water source and it WORKS. Suitable for application to feet, thighs, upper body, underarms, chest and groin.  

Centurion Review: James - Having suffered from horrendous chaffing over races of all distances, this is the only product I will use. Other lubricants including vaseline can dry up in the heat and actually exacerbate chaffing problems. It is light and the fact that it doesn't contain any oil means that you don't notice it once it's on. It simply goes about doing its job preventing chaffing on any area without you having to worry about it. Priceless kit for endurance running. This quite simply is the most important piece of kit I'll take to an ultra.

Large: 44g
Small: 22g
Pocket: 10g

*Please note that Bodyglide products cannot be shipped outside of the UK

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