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  • Compressport Free Belt Pro Waist Band


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    Beware, the rucksack era may be over! The Freebelt Pro trail running belt set off a mini-revolution in the Spring of 2018. It has since been spotted at the pointy end of trail races across the globe. A single, ultra-flexible mesh compartment holds all the equipment, nutrition and personal belongings required for up to 6 hours in full autonomy without bouncing or moving. This includes several flasks, nutrition, phone, baselayers, waterproof and more. Folded poles can be locked onto the belt on less-technical sections thanks to dedicated silicone loops. Integrated bib number toggles mean you never have to worry about safety pins again. The ergonomic, discreet black design and stretchable fabric fit all body types, allowing the belt to sit snugly over your hips for total freedom of movement in the upper body. So go run, go ride, go climb, ... carry all the essentials, and feel FREE!


    Ergonomic design which adapts to any bodyshape and sits snugly without bouncing: pro tried and tested!

    Lightness and comfort: carry all required equipment and nutrition for up to 6h of effort with total freedom of movement in the upper body

    Easy access thanks to the single, wrap-around mesh compartment which stretches to adapt its capacity


    87% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 1% Polypropylène

    Height : 16cm

    Weight: 92g