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GSI Isobutane Gas Canister 110g

Isobutane 110g is a gas cartridge with a capacity of 110 grams.

It is compatible with lightweight stoves like the Alpkit Kraku and passes kit check for the Spine Race. 

It is equipped with a screw valve compatible with EN417 standard stoves, i.e. all GSI, Jetboil, Primus, Optimus, Msr, Soto... type stoves except Campingaz.

This fuel cartridge has a 4-season mixture: 70% Isobutane, 25% Propane and 5% Butane. The mixture of isobutane and propane keeps a good efficiency even at cold temperatures. It offers much better performance than butane/propane canisters.

In addition, the environmentally friendly fuel burns without residues, so less soot is emitted and blockages can be significantly reduced.