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  • Hydrapak Skyflask Speed 500ml

    The Hydrapak SkyFlask Speed 500ml is a well-designed, lightweight, and portable water bottle for runners. It has an ambidextrous thumb loop and adjustable hand strap.

    Designed for the minimalist runner, the SkyFlask Speed features an adjustable hand strap and innovative, padded thumb loop to hold the flask securely in either hand without gripping or squeezing. Topped with our SpeedFill cap for quick refills on the go.


    • AMBIDEXTROUS FIT - Featuring an Ambidextrous fit, the SkyFlask can be carried in either hand with or without the thumb loop
    • ADJUSTABLE HAND STRAP -Adjustable hand strap, cinches down for a precise fit
    • THUMB LOOP - Soft, padded thumb loop lets you hold the flask in either hand without gripping or squeezing
    • SPEEDFILL CAP -Leakproof 42 mm SpeedFill™ cap provides fast refill access
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT -Soft material conforms to your hand and packs away when empty


    • Weight: 67g
    • Capacity: 500 ml / 18 fl oz
    • Dimensions - 215 mm x 77.9 in / 8.5 in x 3.1 in


    • TPU, PP, HDPE, Silicone, Nylon, Neoprene