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  • Instinct Ergo Quiver II

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    – Optimal balance and weight distribution
    – Access/storage poles one at a time
    – Easy in, easy out.
    – No bounce or banging of poles
    – Weight 72g

    Instinct’s unique double quiver redefines and enhances pole storage. No more offsetting of weight to one side. No more clattering of poles for hours.

    The Ergo Quiver II’s design ensures proper weight distribution and balance. This leads to unmatched comfort, stability and clearance for total arm movement.

    Assemble and disassemble each pole with greater ease and speed as each has its own storage. No more hassle of putting together or folding a pole while trying to carry the other under your arm or in other hand.

    Built ultra resistant with nylon spectra ripstop fabric. EVA backside for padding.  Water dissipation holes at bottom.

    Made to attach to all upcoming 2024  PX 3.1L, Ambition 4.5L, Evolution 7L, X-10L  and XX 24L models and adaptable to past Evolution, X-10L.