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  • Naak Ultra Recovery Protein Powder 15 serve pouch

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    Refuel, rehydrate and recover faster after your workouts.

    Näak Ultra Recovery™ is a high-protein powder designed to improve the recovery of endurance athletes. It helps you build muscle, decrease muscle soreness and aid in rehydration. With 25g of complete protein and 4g of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving, it helps you rebuild, refuel & rehydrate after a taxing workout to bounce back stronger the next day.

    Add one scoop into 400ml of liquid, shake well and consume within 30 min of your physical activity to accelerate muscle recovery.

    Recover faster: Bounce back stronger the next day.
    Sustainable protein: Premium cricket and plant-based protein blend.
    Aid rehydration: Restore electrolyte levels lost during your workout.
    Natural ingredients: Non-gmo, dairy free, no sugar added.


    • Accelerated muscle recovery after strenuous workouts.
    • Reduced muscle damage and soreness.
    • Effective replenishment of electrolytes lost during exercise.
    • Sustainable and natural ingredient profile.
    • Versatile usage in recipes such as smoothies, cookies, and oatmeal.

    Fueling Specs

    - 25g complete protein: build & repair muscle post-workout
    - 4g BCAAs: reduce muscle damage & soreness
    - 430mg electrolytes: replenish minerals lost in sweat
    - 1g carbohydrates: no added sugar


    Soy protein isolate, Pea protein concentrate, Natural flavours, Stevia, Sea salt. Contains: Soy.