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OMM Whistle Buckle

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The safety whistle is recommended as an essential item for people in the outdoors. A loud whistle for attracting attention and has been designed to aid in land and sea rescue situations. Attached to a buckle which fits any 15mm webbing.


  • Colour: Orange/Black
  • Pack of 1
  • Easy to fit
  • Compatible with all 15mm webbing

    International Distress Signal - 6 blasts of a whistle followed by a pause of 1 minute and then a repetition of 6 blasts. If your signals are heard, there should be an answering whistle - 3 blasts followed by a pause of 1 minute, repeated several times. Continue to signal until you have been located. Unless you require assistance, do not do anything that could be mistaken for a distress signal.

    Technical Details

    Weight: 10 grams