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  • Scott Supertrac RC 2 Mens Trail Running Shoes (Blue/ Black)

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    The SCOTT Supertrac RC 2 is the update of their iconic skyrunning shoe and has become the go-to shoe for our athletes looking to take on alpine and technical races. Scott updated our award winning Radial Traction outsole for improved traction and durability.


    • Radial Traction: This outsole was developed for running in the most technical exposed mountain environments.
    • Aerofoam+: Focusses on a cushioned but stable ride which is key for performance on technical terrain in the mountains.
    • Schoeller Coldblack Upper: With coldblack® the heat absorption can be reduced to a minimum; the result is a noticeably better heat management and unparalleled levels of protection and comfort.
    • Breathable Mesh - Helps to regulate the temperature of your feet.
    • Schoeller 3XDry Technology - Combines water repellence and water absorption.
    • Durable Toe Cap - Helps to prevent any injuries from bumps and knocks to the forefoot.
    • Up the Foot Laces - Find a comfortable and secure fit every time.Flat Lying Tongue - For ultimate comfort.
    • eRide Midsole - Provides cushioning and protection underfoot whilst promoting a more dynamic running position. 


    • Heel to Foot drop: 5mm
    • Product Weight: 250g



    Further Details

    • Breathable Mesh Upper: The upper of the Supertrac RC 2 is constructed from breathable and lightweight mesh, to regulate the temperature of your feet and keep you comfortable. An innovative Schoeller Coldblack and 3XDry material is used, providing a unique level of protection and comfort. Coldblack is a finishing technology designed for textiles that are exposed to sunlight over extended periods. It prevents the material from heating up and provides reliable protection from UV rays. This not only protects your skin, but also adds durability to the shoe. 3XDry is another finishing technology which combines water repellence and water absorption. This means the shoe repels moisture from the outside and absorbs perspiration on the inside. Sweat produced by your body will be carried away by the moisture-attracting fibres and evaporated, leaving your feet feeling cool and dry. A thicker material covers the toes, which helps to prevent any injuries from bumps and knocks to the forefoot. The heel and rearfoot are held upright and secured in a strong position, for ultimate support. All the way up the foot laces and a flat-lying tongue will allow you to find a comfortable and secure fit every time.

    • eRide Midsole: The eRide midsole is an innovative midsole developed by Scott which will not only provide a good level of cushioning and protection from underfoot, but it will also promote a faster and more efficient running style, helping you to save energy and go further. Towards the bottom, the EVA in the midsole is able to absorb sudden and heavy shocks as it is densely packed. The characteristics of it change the higher up the midsole you go and towards the top the EVA less dense. This means that it will feel extremely gentle and soft underfoot. The eRide midsole also promotes a more dynamic running position by reducing the impact on heel strikes. This means that more energy will be able to go into strides rather than wasted on heavy impacts with the ground. In addition, the energy created by heavy contacts with the ground will then be transferred into rebound which will help to improve running fluidity. Aerofoam+ offers the durability and rebound of previous foams but with increased plush cushioning that protects against treacherous trails and rocky roads for a comfortable ride. The body is kept protected from the rigours and fatigue of long trail runs without losing the efficiency of the eRide, working in tandem together for a smooth, energetic ride.

    • Radical Traction Outsole: With a bite face for traction and an outer face that escapes mud, the lugs on the Supertrac RC 2 are able to rotate through the surface while offering unparalleled traction in a 360 degree sphere. This outsole was made for running in the most technical exposed mountain environments that will help you stay in control of every step for longer. The rubber used is extremely durable, which means that it will be able to retain all of its properties over a long course of time.