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    Electrolyte balance is crucial to success in endurance events and in particular running in conditions where sweat rate is significantly increased. Succeed! S!Caps are the superior electrolyte supplement available to consumers.

    We encourage you to read labels so that you understand why S! Caps are the superior electrolyte supplement. 

    Heavy sweating during athletic performance lasting for many hours can cause loss of critical electrolytes from blood plasma. Moderate loss of electrolytes can degrade performance, while heavy losses can lead to hyponatremia (low blood sodium) that can cause collapse and death in extreme cases.

    Sports drinks can provide adequate sodium input for a few hours of exercise, but are insufficient over longer periods. Energy bars and gels are low in sodium and should be supplemented with electrolytes. SUCCEED! BUFFER/ELECTROLYTE CAPS provide electrolytes that are commonly found in blood plasma (sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, phosphate), in the proper proportions for hours of exercise. When taken with sufficient water, they help the body maintain good hydration status, which allows performance at a high level. Neutralization of excess acid will help performance and reduce the nausea associated with exercise in the heat. Maintenance of proper electrolyte levels will reduce swelling of hands and feet after many hours of exercise, and that will reduce “hot spots” and blisters on the feet. The buffers in S! Caps also help soothe the stomach.

    For testimonials for S! Caps from the best ultra runners in the world click here

    Centurion Review/ Why this Product?

    Drew Sheffield - As someone who has had to dnf a 50 mile race in scotland in April 3 miles from the end due to dehydration, i need to get my electrolyte balance right.  Experimenting with powders, drops and salty crisps just didn't work for me.  S! Caps provide a great way of monitoring your electrolyte intake in their handy capsule size and they're easily transported in a small tube or sandwich bag.