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  • The Return to Me after Me by Trinity Buckley

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    The Return to Me after ME is the incredible story of how a once superfit distance runner and Personal Trainer became too ill to walk even just a few steps having been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). But refusing to accept that she faced an incurable and lifelong condition she embarked on a journey to regain her health. Trinity Buckley talks about her experiences of being a successful athlete with a thriving business and then suddenly finding herself at the other extreme. Trinity's journey takes us through her search for answers to the unanswerable question of how to recover from an incurable illness and illustrates her determination to not give up on the life she once had and wanted to return to.

    This is an inspirational account of how it was possible for Trinity to resume her life as a marathon and ultra-distance runner, not only completing a marathon a little over eight months since her full recovery but also eventually completing a challenge of running three 145-mile races within three months.

    About the Author

    Trinity Buckley is a mum of three grown up children and three grandchildren.  Her book was inspired by her journey from being a super fit ultra runner and Personal Trainer to falling ill with ME and then searching for answers as to how she could recover from an 'incurable' illness and get her life back.

    She currently lives in the Andalucian mountains in southern Spain with her husband, two Jack Russells and an Afghan Hound (who thinks he's a Jack Russell).


    Released: 28/07/2023

    ISBN: 9781805140443

    eISBN: 9781805146261

    Format: Paperback

    Print length: 192 pages