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    Welcome to the Centurion Running Training Packages! 

    Our coaching team often get asked about training plans and we wanted to produce something of real value beyond the normal “off-the-shelf” plans. 

    The Training Packages include 16 week plans for your 50km or 50 Mile race, but also advise on how to adapt the training as you go, how to fuel, race psychology, kit and everything else we could think of that might help you get to the start and finish of your goal race.

    There’s a whole host of experience in the team of coaches and our Head of Endurance, Robbie Britton teamed up with Race Director and Centurion Founder James Elson to make sure you have the best advice and information available. 

    The booklet starts with a glossary, a guide on how to use your pan and then the training plan itself. Next up comes an uncomplicated look into the basics of ultrarunning, with the information needed to personalise and experiment with your own training, nutrition and kit.

    The terms we use in the glossary, the descriptions and advice, are purposefully kept uncomplicated so there isn’t any difficulty in following along. If you do find yourself wanting a bit more personalisation, some feedback and just generally a good natter with other around your training, then we do have the two different coaching options; Training Plan + and 1-1 Coaching. 

    This package gives you a tiny insight into the value of working with a coach. Ideally you’re not starting this plan from scratch and have a good, consistent block of easier training beforehand, but if you don’t then do ease into the plan. It’s not about hitting every single session as hard as you can, but being consistent in the 16 weeks ahead.

    Consistency is the key to good ultra-marathon training. So pick up one of the packages and get started with us.

    The package you select will be delivered to you by email within 48 hours of purchase.