Whether you're getting ready for the Centurion One Up community event or simply prepping for some big days in the hills this summer, we've got the right kit for you.

Keep your head

First order of business is not getting burned to a crisp, and when you are out on the tops all day long you are going to want a hat.  We've got a full range, including the excellent sahara cap from Raidlight.  Don't laugh...there's a reason why a proper cap is on the mandatory list of high-mountain events like UTMB when the weather gets hot.

It's a little chilly up here... 

It's a UK summer, and if it's baking hot right now then you can guarantee it won't be in about five minutes' time.  Factor in the windchill from all the summits you'll be bagging, and you're going to want a nice, light windproof jacket.  We've got some bargains right now, including the Salomon S/Lab Light Jacket heavily discounted in both men and women-specific cut. 


Cheating sticks?  not a bit of it

When the going gets steep, we love 'em.  Make no mistake, you will be faster over a long day of climbing and descending with poles...but only if you know how to use them.

We stock the UD FKT polesbecause they're a little tougher than some of the other choices out there.  Trust us, you really don't want a pole snapping on you half-way round a 15-hour epic.  Ask us how we know... 

Somewhere to stash them

You're not going to want your poles out all the time, and the Naked Band is one of the neatest, most practical ways of stashing poles we've come across.  With loops at the back it keeps them out of the way, gives you extra space for all your essential kit, and you can still wear your regular running pack on your back!


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